What To Sell Online From Home

What To Sell Online From Home

With no doubt, technology has drastically changed the way we do business. After all, this generation was not called ‘Computer Age’ for nothing. We have really come a long way from the traditional, mostly office-based businesses we have grown up with.

More and more people have been caught by the ‘from-home’ bug. Telecommuting, freelancing, and online selling are just some of the gazillion ways to make money from home using the power of the worldwide web. The first two ones mentioned usually have system requirements and skill qualifications, while online selling remains to be arguably the easiest way to earn without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Here, we enumerate what we can sell from home through the internet. You can learn a thing or two, and start a small ecommerce store of your own.

If you are someone gifted with painting and drawing skills, you can sell your art online in a site called ArtPal. Apart from paintings, they also accept other forms of art including sculptures, handmade jewelry, crafts, and prints. It is a free site, so you don’t have to worry about spending anything to sign up.

Outgrown baby gear. Parents usually look for second hand baby gear as they tend to be cheaper yet still usable. One way to get rid of the clutter in your home is to sell your unused items. Strollers, cots, cribs, and high chairs take up so much space, so why not sell it in an acceptable price for a used baby gear? You’ll be able to free some space and earn some money in the process—double whammy. You can use eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist. All are free.

Unused household items. Apart from baby gear, you might also want to get rid of electronics, furniture or appliances you do not use anymore. The same way with the previous one, you can make use of Craigslist, Amazon, or Craigslist. All are free, just use them with caution.

See your old books collecting dust in the shelves? Put them to good use and earn money by posting them in Bookscouter. The app is available in both iPhone and Android, and allows you to take a picture of your books’ barcodes so you don’t have to exert and effort to type ISBN numbers.

If your hobbies include cross stitching, crocheting, making bead bracelets, and other handcrafted items, Etsy might just be your new favourite money-making website. It is the home of handmade crafts, where customers and crafters meet and make transactions of buying and selling.

Are you skilled and passionate in taking photos? Sell your photos to stock sites, like Dreamstime. You only have to upload your pictures, then from there you can already sell them. Commission usually ranges from 25%-60% for each photos sale.

Old jewelry. You might think your old bangles and earrings do not look fashionable anymore, but there are people who might still find value and appeal in them. You can sell them in a pawn shop, or you can make the process easier by selling it in the site Out of Your Life. It is rated A by the Better Business Bureau, but will still be best if you use the site with caution—just to be sure.

Apart from all these things, there are still tons of items you can sell on the internet—from the smallest ones like brooches and pins to the most unexpected ones like egg cells and breast milk. The internet is pretty much the world’s largest marketplace today, where you can literally find everything it is that you are looking for. No need to walk or ride to the mall, you can shop with your fingertips instead.